Naturally activate & boost your immune system with our Beta Glucan

The most studied, natural Immune System supplement in the world. Easy-to-swallow, Non-GMO Capsule. No known side effects.

What Does a Healthy Immune System Do?

The Immune System is an alliance of organs, cells, and molecules that Identify & Eliminate Pathogens. Macrophages, Lymphocytes, and Neutrophils are vital in Innate and Adaptive Immunity. By design, a Fully Functional Immune System Prevents Illness and Disease. The Biological & Environmental Toxins of Today, hinder our immune response; making proper supplementation a necessity.

What is Beta Glucan and How Does it Work?

Beta Glucan is a Natural Fiber Molecule that can be found in Mushrooms, Yeast, & Oats. The Most Studied ImmunoModulator on Earth, there are 180,000+ Published Articles on Glucans from Universities like Harvard & Tulane. Over 50 Years of Research proves that Beta Glucan Enhances our Immune System's ability to Isolate and Eradicate Foreign Invaders.

How is Beta Glucan 500 Different?

The Immune System Benefits of Glucan depend on Source & Purity. 50,000+ Human Clinical Trials show Baker's Yeast as The Most Biologically Active Source. Protected by 200+ Patents, our product is the only glucan with a Minimum 85% Purity. Beta Glucan 500 has been Tested Against Dozens of Immune System Products in Over 20 Top Medical Journals.

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